Cat Guiro with Whistle 4

Cat Guiro with Whistle 4" tall - G-CAT4

This little guiro is a work of art. It sounds great as an instrument and makes an adorable desk orna..

EMUS slide whistle - E345

EMUS slide whistle - E345

Easy-to-play, has wide tone range, produces glissando effects. 25cm overall length. Plastic construc..

Plastic kazoo by Kazoobie - E330

Plastic kazoo by Kazoobie - E330

Plays any tune you can hum. The resonator is made from a unique high-tech polyethylene plastic pape..

Whistling Monkey 6

Whistling Monkey 6" - G-MONK6

This little whistle is a work of art! When blown it produces a high squeak, or monkey screech and ma..

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